Investigating Harmony WorkShop Series and New Canaan Library

Part I Constructing Basic Chords: In part one of our discussion “Investigating Harmony“ participants will first learn about intervals, which are the the basic building blocks of triads (chords consisting of three notes). Then the workshop will explore how to use intervals to construct the four basic types of triads. Throughout the class examples will be given to demonstrate the sound of each interval and triad.

Part II Identifying Chord/Scale Relationships: In part two of our discussion “Investigating Harmony” attendees will first learn how to construct a major scale. Then the group will learn about different modes derived from the major scale and identify the corresponding harmonic structures found within each of the modes. Then finally, use this knowledge to identify harmonic progressions (chord progressions) in some familiar songs.

Part III Harmonizing and Melody: In part three of “Investigating Harmony” workshop participant will learn how a melody corresponds to its harmonic counterpoint. The group will analyze a well-known piece of music to see how the melody relates to the chords and learn how to change or reimagine the chords (reharmonization) to create an alternate harmonic landscape which also supports the existing melody.