Elaine R. (Scarsdale, NY) - 

Michael-Louis Smith has been my sons piano teacher for the last eight years. Michael is a wonderful, patient teacher, and his passion for music and teaching children of all ages is evident during every lesson. He took my sons from the beginning stages of musical learning through more advanced stages, smoothly transitioning them from level to level. He has a keen sense about each child’s needs, enabling him to develop a curriculum for each child based on their own abilities, progress and learning style.

I am particularly impressed with Michael’s ability to make a child feel comfortable and relaxed about lessons so that learning becomes fun and interesting. He follows a clear process in teaching music very well considering the child’s interest in particular types of music. I was amazed and proud when Michael encourage my nine-year-old son to write and record his own original piano piece, and then invited our family to one of his own band performances while they played our sons piece for the audience! Michael organizes an annual recital for all of his students, and they are pride, progress in confidence is obvious. Michael also utilizes technological tools such as apps and recordings to boost learning, which keeps the children interested. He is able to convey his expectations to the children with understanding and encouragement there by earning the respect and admiration. I should add that Michael handles his business with upmost professionalism and honesty, and I have always enjoyed working with him to arrange the best possible schedule and learning atmosphere for my children.

Michael is a warm enthusiastic and all-around cool guy who children love to be around and it is my pleasure to recommend him highly. 

(Reference available upon request)


Arielle J. (Rye, NY)  - 

I am thrilled to write this letter of recommendation for Michael Lewis Smith. Michael has been working with my family for over 5 years, and we are extremely impressed with his talent and demeanor. Michael teachers my eight-year-old son how to play the guitar, and has also started working with my five-year-old daughter, teaching her how to play piano.

Michael arrives each week with such enthusiasm for the upcoming lesson, and is always prepared and focused. My son looks forward to his sessions with Michael and my husband and I have been so pleased with his progress. Even when my son is tired from a long day of school and extracurricular activities, Michael is able to connect and motivate him easily. He is patient and kind, and is so skilled working with children. He has demonstrated a wonderful ability to connect with our children by expressing genuine interest in their thoughts and experiences and clearly loves what he does. My children are motivated to learn how to play musical instruments because of Michael’s gentle, fun approach, and we could not be happier.

Michael now works with many other families based on our referral, and several parents have reached out to tell us how thrilled they have been with his talented and wonderful approach. We were given his name from a close friend who could not say enough wonderful things about him, and now we understand why. He loves what he does, and it shows! I would be happy to speak more should anyone have any questions. 

(Reference available upon request)


Rebecca C. (Greenwich, CT) -

Michael-Louis Smith has been my children’s music teacher for as long as I can remember! Michael began teaching my first born piano when she was only five years old. On and off over the years, Michael has taught my children piano drums and guitar. Moreover, Michael has taught them how to read notes, compose music, record music, use digital technology for music, understand music theory and generally appreciate the art of music and so many ways. Michael is an outstanding teacher. I have watched him teach all four of my children as a group successfully and happily even though they have diverse ages, levels and attention spans. Michael may possibly be the most patient human being I have ever seen! He is also kind and passionate about his own music and career and this is inspiration to my children. Michael’s enthusiasm for music is contagious and his kindness and generosity is often overwhelming. I have known Michael’s Louis Smith for 12 years and I can say with all certainty he has given my children and appreciation, respect and understanding of music that is beautiful to see. It is with full certainty and enthusiasm that I recommend him to anyone I meet you was looking for music lessons. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regard to this recommendation.

 (Reference available upon request)

Amie H. (Pelham, NY)-

I have three children ages 13, 11 and 8. Michael has taught piano to all three of them in various combinations for nearly six years. He also taught guitar to my older two children before they started playing piano. He is an incredible teacher because he is very patient, and he centers his lessons around their musical interests to keep their time together fun and lively. Other teachers control the music their students learn, however, this is not Michael’s style. Although he comes across as laid back, informal and exuding a very hip vibe, don’t be fooled! He is a true professional and is an extremely talented and busy musician who performs up and down the East coast. My kids’ lessons include a nice balance of theory, music reading and playing. Because he lets them pick their music, they remain motivated to practice and are eager to “graduate” from one song and move on to the next. Michael is versed in all genres of music ranging from Pop to Jazz to Classical. Right now you might hear my youngest daughter playing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons or my son belting out Beethoven’s "Fur Elise." I could not recommend a more perfect teacher for my kids and hope they will continue to learn from Michael for years to come. 
 (Reference available upon request)